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Public Events

Lecture at 19:00 - Mac on Parachute and Ron on Aerobatics 27th Apr


Winch Course run by Dave Bell and Keith Springate 1st May - 5th May

Course fee £150. 6 pre-solo 6 post solo pilots slots available.
As many flights and flying time as you can get in 5 days for a fixed price. List up in the clubhouse

Committee Meeting at 6:30 in the clubhouse 4th May


127 (Wakefield) Sqn ATC Training Bronze & Silver DofE 13th May

Supporting our Junior members in their DofE Expedition

578 Squadron and 578 Squadron Association Reunion 20th May - 21st May

Annual Reunion of 578 Squadron members and family and 578 Squadron Association members.

Inter Club League at Rufforth 27th May - 29th May

Andy Kitchen is the team captain

643 Reunion 2017 2nd Jun

Once again Burn is happy to host the bi-annual 643 Squadron reunion

Cross Country & Task Week 5th - 9th June 5th Jun - 9th Jun

Aims to encourage cross country flying for those cleared for aerotow & on the cross country list. Tug available all week, normal flying rates apply.
See circulated notice. Contacts :- Mike Howey or Chris O'Boyle

127 (Wakefield) Sqn ATC Training Bronze & Silver DofE 4th Aug

Supporting our Junior members in their DofE Expeditions - they will be camping on site.

Private Events

Auto Sleepers Meeting 13th May - 14th May

Auto Sleepers Spring Meeting
Burn Gliding Club, The Airfield, Park Lane, Burn, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8LW, United Kingdom
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