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Press Release on Transfer of Burn Airfield to the HCA

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Chris Cooper 15th Aug 2011 2 Posts 7 years 35 weeks
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Please see the press release issued at 10.00 hrs on Monday 15th August 2011.


Burn Airfield to Be Transferred to the HCA

Monday 15th August 2011

After Burn Gliding Club sent a formal notice to Yorkshire Forward that it was submitting a bid for the parts of the Burn Airfield that it required, the club was told that Yorkshire Forward has already agreed that the airfield, along with other assets, will be transferred to the Housing and Communities Agency (HCA) on 19th September 2011. From their website (www.homesandcommunities.co.uk), it would seem that the HCA objectives include the following:

“The HCA works at the request of local authorities to help them realise their aspirations for economic growth and prosperity and to deliver high-quality housing that people can afford.
Statutory Objectives
Our strategic framework is also governed by our four statutory objectives:
- improving the supply and quality of housing
- securing the regeneration or development of land or infrastructure
- supporting in other ways the creation, regeneration, development and continued well-being of communities in England
- contributing to the achievement of sustainable development and good design.”

Burn Gliding Club is uncertain about what this means for it and the security of its tenure at Burn Airfield. At a recent meeting with local MP Nigel Adams, the latter reiterated his support for the club to remain at Burn. He offered to arrange and attend a meeting as soon as possible with the HCA , joined by the club’s chairman Tony Flannery and development officer Bob Baines, so that the HCA plans for the airfield could be discussed with the aim of extending or renewing the club’s lease and therefore allowing it to remain at Burn.

Chairman Tony Flannery states: “We are cautiously optimistic that, with the assistance of Nigel Adams, the HCA will agree to extend or renew our lease at Burn Airfield and therefore allow Burn Gliding Club to continue to provide facilities for people of all ages to learn to fly without it costing a fortune, as well as ensuring that this historic airfield remains an amenity for local people to enjoy.”

Are we nearly there yet?

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