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ICL 2018

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23rd Jan 2018 5 Posts 1 year 16 weeks
Open for discussion

We all should be aware by now that we host ICL 2018 in our club. It is first time since a few years when it will come to life at Burn event like that.
There was sent an email about it with list of informed clubs, this year it was extended as because some clubs has not that many passionate members as we have :)

An official poster will be available in next few days and it will be sent via email and thanks to Russell we will get some printed too. The poster is on final design stage by a graphic designer, hope we all will like it...

Also on this stage I would like to confirm that Saltby GC will attend with minimum 2 or 3 gliders, where one of them may be Perkoz. It is possible there may come more.

I hope we will get some other confirmations soon, also from our and other clubs.

There is also plans to have another task week in other club which would be counted to ICL 2018 but that needs to be confirmed later.

Kevin Atkinson was contacted and he will support our activation on BGA website, also he may visit us at Burn on one day during that event (TBC)

Keith Springate has confirmed reservation for a live music band, and another day will be with a quiz night. Some questions will be related to gliding, so start refreshing your knowledge now... lol

Any discussion welcomed.

Thank you
Artur K.

just quick update...

You may notice that our poster is now published on several websites, including Facebook, Twitter and our own Club website. It has been sent to all clubs and there is an interest.

We are definitely expecting a few pilots from Pocklington including novice and 2 seater, also as I understand there will be one from Camphill, did not hear anything from other clubs yet apart Saltby which I did inform before.

Who from Burn would like to have a fun with us?

We do have a duty Pilot, Lunching Marshall, weather man, but there is also other functions which needs to be filled, like task setter, safety officer or even tug pilots...


Email received from Sutton Bank
Myself (Toby Wilson) and Chris Booker from Sutton Bank wish to enter the novice category, sharing one of our club single seaters (tbc; Discus or DG303).

We may have persuaded pundit John Ellis to be our team captain, and are trying to rally members for other categories too.
Best Regards,
Toby Wilson"

Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club (Camphill) has confirmed that they coming to ICL with about 5 gliders. 1 or 2 in each class.
Also I have spoken with Simon from Rufforth and they attending too, no numbers confirmed.
Peter Weaver

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