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2020 The soaring year begins on 2nd January ! by Alastair Mackenzie Pik Miscellany by David Slocombe Rotax repairs 2019 by Steven Scothern Promising day by Dave Bellamy 2019 by Russell Walsh October Wave Fest 2018 - Blue Tuesday 09/10/18 by Alastair Mackenzie October Wave Fest 2018 - 04/10/18 by Alastair Mackenzie Autumn Wave returns to Burn 26/09/18 by Alastair Mackenzie Wave over Scarborough by John Cavill K13 Returns to the Air 17/06/18 by Alastair Mackenzie Hangar Packing from the Air 17/05/18 by Alastair Mackenzie BBMF Dakota Fly Past 19/05/18 by Alastair Mackenzie Janus Trailer Project by Russell Walsh February Fermaling ! by Alastair Mackenzie 2016/17 by K13 renovation 2018 by Steven Scothern Hangar Flights at Sunset 25/11/17 by Alastair Mackenzie November Wave Fest - Its waving every day... by Alastair Mackenzie More Burn Wave. Thursday 9th November 2017 by Chris OBoyle Gold Height from Burn 25/10/17 - October Wave Fest continues... by Alastair Mackenzie October Wave Fest Rebooted 14/10/17 by Alastair Mackenzie There's a Hurricane on its way to the UK ! by Alastair Mackenzie October Wave Fest 12/10/17 by Alastair Mackenzie Perkoz Demonstrator 18/08/17 by Alastair Mackenzie BBC Look North July 2017 by Russell Walsh Burn Weathercam by Russell Walsh Doncaster Gliding Club by Russell Walsh Summer Wave 17/06/17 by Alastair Mackenzie Life on Mars - Remembering the 80's by Alastair Mackenzie Me by Trevor Graham RAF Return to Burn 17th May 2017 by Alastair Mackenzie Old Photos by Russell Walsh RF3 by Chris Riley Bonfire Night 2016 by Alastair Mackenzie GA Rogue's Gallery by Alastair Mackenzie Elvington LMA Airshow 2016 by Alastair Mackenzie Burn 2016 by Russell Walsh March 2016 by Strange Clouds by Alastair Mackenzie Nacreous Clouds 01_02_16 by Alastair Mackenzie Bonfire Night 2015 by Military Exercise on 15/09/15 by C130 Hercules Lands at Burn Airfield 15th September 2015 by Alastair Mackenzie Hercules 15-09-15 by Christopher Hayes - Oldroyd Snaps by Burn 2014 by Russell Walsh 2015 by Garmin GPS Date Error Fix after Internal Battery Change by Alastair Mackenzie Burn Wave 7/3/15 9600ft contacted wavesouth of field 3600ft by Dave Bell Cross Country Flying - This is what gliding is all about... by Alastair Mackenzie Northerly Wave 01/02/15 by Alastair Mackenzie PW-5 by Perranporth 1st July 2014 by Peter Weaver Classic Airforce Museum St Mawgan by Peter Weaver Wave over Burn 13th April '14 by Ian Myles T-61 by DENO by Dennis Bland airborn by Dave Butler by 578 Sqn Halifax Memorial, Baulkholme by Martin Ellis gg by Christmas 2013 by Tiger Moth by Martin Ellis Thorne by Matt's Album by Matt Ellis French alps by John Firth Barcelonnette Sept 2013 by Chris OBoyle Peter's Photos by Peter Weaver Gliding :-) by Soaring in Switzerland by Martin Ellis Surfs Up ! - Northerly Wave 02/02/2013 by Alastair Mackenzie Flying in the Snow 26/01/13 by Alastair Mackenzie Burn Wave 29/09/12 by Alastair Mackenzie PortMoak2012 by Dave Bell Soar Truckee USA by John Shaw Worth Rigging by Dave Bellamy caravan park list by Ian Stoddart florida air museum (private collection) by Ian Gutsell Narromine Australia Duo Discus XC 2011 by Christmas Party 2011 by Oldies by John Cavill Burn Wave, September 2011 by Martin Ellis Best of Poland 2011 by Richard Truchan Olsztyn 2011 by Chris OBoyle Poland 2011 by John Firth Cross Country Soaring from Burn. by Alastair Mackenzie Old Photos by John Stirk Minden USA by John Shaw Winter Flying by Publicity in 2011 by Publicity in 2010 by BBC Look North at Burn in January 2011 by Private gliders based at Burn by Alastair Mackenzie Olsztyn Aero Club, Dajtki, Poland by Chris OBoyle Milfield Wave 31/10/09 by Alastair Mackenzie December 2010 by Dave Bellamy Pauls pics by Paul Bassett Bonfire Night 2010 by Burn Gliiding by Terry Bassett Twin Astir by Richard Truchan Austin's Pics by Millfield 2010 by Ralph Jones Gliding Sunsets by Matthew Tindall K13 by Night Gliding in Poland by Chris OBoyle
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Burn Gliding Club, The Airfield, Park Lane, Burn, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8LW, United Kingdom
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