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Gift Vouchers for Trial Gliding Experience Flights

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Air Experience Lesson - Gliding Flight Gifts

An air experience flight voucher can be purchased through this website and posted to your home (for any normal flying days - except Open Days). We offer a once in a lifetime trial lesson/air experience flight for an experience to remember. Once you have purchased a voucher, you can then contact us to book a suitable date and time.

Single flight option for one person - Either a Basic, Standard or Mile High Premium Aerotow - the cost covers the launch cost, flight time cost. Ideal for Birthday or Christmas Gifts. New prices from 9th February 2018.

Take a Trial Lesson in a Glider!

Come along for a thrilling trial glider flight at the Burn Gliding Club, only three miles from Selby Abbey. Whether you are treating yourself to one of your ‘bucket list’ dreams or you want to surprise a friend or relative, a trial lesson is an ideal gift and introduction to the wonderful world of gliding.

Following a safety briefing and some ground instruction, you will take to the sky in one of our dual-control two-seater training gliders, with a British Gliding Association (BGA) qualified instructor. Once airborne at a safe height, you will be shown the basic methods of controlling the glider, then (if you wish) you can take control and fly the glider yourself. Yes, you actually get to fly the glider around the sky, with the instructor monitoring what happens via his/her set of controls. It is not difficult at all. Eventually the instructor takes over and lands the glider.

Our instructors will always endeavor to find thermals to keep the glider airborne for a reasonable time as we want you to have as good a time as possible and to share our enthusiasm for this fantastic sport. After the flight you will be presented with a certificate to prove you did it!
Don't just dream about a flight - do it! You know you want really want to!

We offer four levels of trial lesson voucher, all available through our online booking system, with flights in either a glider or motor glider. Lessons are available on Thursdays, Fridays (by arrangement) and weekends:

Winch Launch - £55
The glider is launched via a cable which is pulled down the runway using our winch. The glider can reach heights in excess of 1,000ft and the flight lasts about 5 to 15 minutes in the air.

The Basic Glider Lesson - £90
An aerotow behind one of our tug aircraft to 2,000ft and about 15/20 minutes in the air

The Standard Glider lesson - £125
An aerotow to 3,000ft with a longer flight time and a much greater opportunity to experience the joys of soaring in the sky

The Premium Glider Lesson - £175
This is the perfect gift to yourself or someone close to you, with a ‘mile high’ aerotow to 5,000+ft offering a fantastic opportunity to handle the glider and experience soaring in your 40/45 minute flight. If weather conditions on the day are not suitable (low cloud), two 2000ft aerotows may be offered instead.

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Points to note

We do have restrictions for height and we may struggle to fit you in the glider if you are over 6 ' 4'' (1.93 metres), but it depends on the type of gliders available on the day. We also have limitations on weight, with a maximum of around 16 stone 6lbs (103 Kg). The visitor will need to be fit enough to get into and out of the glider with minimum help. There is no upper age limit but the younger visitors must be with a guardian able to sign a legal disclaimer and the visitor must have the maturity to gain from the trial lesson and be able to reach the controls. About 12 years old would be the youngest we could fly. If you have any concerns, please contact us before you visit so that we can clarify any issues. All flights offered are with Qualified Instructors. Please call us on 07712 467401 when you arrive at the airfield clubhouse. Someone will then come and collect you and safely escort you to the launch point. The runways will be live, and we have rules about cars travelling on runways to protect gliders taking off and landing.

Take our Motor Glider for a spin

I know what you're thinking ... its got an engine ... its not a glider. However, the Motor Glider shares many flying characteristics which are similar to our gliders.
Motor Glider flights don't rely on good gliding weather to prolong the flying time, it has an engine, so you can choose how long you wish to fly for.
Get Flying!
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