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Learning to Fly in Yorkshire at Burn


Learn to Glide at Burn in Yorkshire

Gliding is a wonderful way to learn to fly. Burn Gliding Club offers a real warm club atmosphere and for a fraction of the cost of learning to fly powered aircraft you can get your 'wings' and take to the skies with only you in the cockpit!

The Best Instruction - and it's FREE

From the very start you will receive practical and theoretical instruction from our team of British Gliding Association qualified instructors. The Instructors all give their time for free simply because they love flying, and enjoy teaching other people to fly. The club aims to gently ease you into the world of flying and get you thinking like a pilot; considering safety, airmanship and airfield procedures.

When we Fly

During a normal week we fly all day on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We can arrange flying on any other day (all year round), or any evening (April to September) for groups / parties by prior arrangement.

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you would think - we always allow trainees to progress at their own rate and the number of flights required for solo standard depends on your age, ability to learn and what time of year you join. We offer competitively priced flying deals, so check out the prices and choose the best package for you.

Flying/Joining Options:-
1) Buy an Air Experience flight Voucher through this website. This is our 'try before you buy' method for you to see if you enjoy flying.
2) You can join the club by paying for annual club membership, then each time you fly pay for the launch and glider time in the air (see prices)

As a guide, a typical young pilot could expect to spend take anywhere in the region of 40 to 60 launches to complete all the training exercises and be competent enough to fly solo. A middle aged person may take 60 - 100 launches to get to the same point, and an older person may take more launches. However, it varies from person to person and the more frequently you fly, the fewer flights you will need to get your wings.

Where do I start?

If you haven't already taken an air experience flight buy a voucher and book yourself in! You'll get to meet some of the members, see for yourself what's involved and most importantly get a taste for flying a glider. If you then decide to join the cost of your voucher will go towards your membership fee so there's nothing to lose.
Get Flying!
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Burn Gliding Club, The Airfield, Park Lane, Burn, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8LW, United Kingdom
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