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Burn Gliding Club - Flying in the heart of Yorkshire

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Welcome To Yorkshire
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    Start Young

    Not only does a glider flight make a great gift, it is also a brilliant way in to flying. Start young with an air experience flight. Vouchers available now!

  • Our club in the 60s

    We have been flying for a long time. Our club was formed over 50 years ago.

  • Recently retired?

    Do something new and get flying with us like Steve did!

  • Soaring days are great!

    The location of Burn Gliding Club allows for year round flying and great soaring days.

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    Getting airborne is only the start

    At Burn you will experience something more than just great views. The atmosphere and exhilaration of unpowered flight is simply infectious.

  • Oliver got his wings — 14 years old and flying solo

    Burn's youngest Solo Pilot

    Congratulations to Oliver Campbell, going solo in style on his 14th Birthday.

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    The perfect gift idea

    We get people from all over the country who are celebrating something special. From birthdays to stag-do's, give something unforgettable.

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    Learn for less

    Around 90% cheaper than learning to fly powered aircraft, our highly experienced team of instuctors will take you under their wing so you can get yours!

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    The ultimate Team Building Experience

    When you get stuck into a day's gliding, everyone is guaranteed to learn new ways of working together whilst sharing amazing experiences and amazing stories.

  • Charlotte gets her wings — 16 years old and flying high

    I Did it!

    Big congratulations to Charlotte who has just got her wings at the age of 16! Making her the youngest solo member in the club ... and one of youngest in the UK.

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As seen on Channel 5 TV - Our Great Yorkshire Life - Thought of learning to fly?

Have you spent time during Lockdown rethinking your life, and you now want to do something different? Have you always (secretly) wanted to be a Pilot? It's as easy as driving a car, so what's stopping you?

We are actively recruiting new members to join our friendly and vibrant Club. Gliding is a sport that is open to everyone - all ages, all backgrounds and all abilities. We aim for a balance of fun, exhilaration and safety.

RIGHT NOW - is the best time to take up the Gliding as your new Hobby or Pastime. Not sure how to join, or what Gliding is all about? Then choose 'contact us' at the top of this page and we will be happy to tell you more and welcome you to our club.

Learn to fly one of our Gliders and share in our wonderful experiences Flying over the Yorkshire countryside. Instruction is free, you just pay for the launch and the time in the air. Choose the 'Learn to fly' menu option at the top of the page.

Please make sure that we know you are coming to the club before you arrive, so that we can stay within our Covid safe guidelines.

If you want to fly with us and are worried about the cost, the club makes special arrangements for members with low or modest incomes. It is possible to learn to fly and be a full participating flying member of the club playing a full part in the running of the club, 52 times a year (once a week weather permitting) for an annual cost of £520.

For further details on this scheme contact the chairman, Steve, using the Contacts tab at the top of the page.

Sam goes Solo

Sam Batchelar who joined the club earlier in the year went Solo on Sunday12 September. Well done Sam

Thought about Learning to fly

If you want to fly with us and are worried about the cost, the club makes special arrangements for members with low or modest incomes. It is possible to learn to fly and be a full participating flying member of the club playing a full part in the running of the club,52 times a year (once a week weather permitting) for an annual cost of £520.

For further details on this scheme contact the chairman, Steve, using the Contacts Tab at the top of the page

Eileen gets her 5 hour flight

Well done to Eileen Scothern who last week achieved her goal of a 5 hour flight, while flying at Portmoak.

Neil Bale re-solos in a glider after 40 years

Neil who only joined the club last May is a retired RAF Group Captain and has been based at various RAF bases all over the UK and abroad. Neil was in the Air Training Corps whilst at school which gave him the taste for flying from the age of 13. Neil plans to concentrate on honing up his flying skills and would love to be able to take his grandchildren up in a glider in the future.

Sound advice sends Paul Jackson Solo

Paul Jackson 57, an Audio Software Engineer from Sowerby Bridge became our newest solo glider pilot, at Burn Gliding Club. Paul start flying as a Hang-glider pilot then moved on to Flexwing microlights at Rufforth. After noticing the gliders flying at Rufforth Gliding Club, he was keen to progress to gliding and joined Burn GC in September 2018 as it was a friendly club and it was easier to get to. Paul was sent solo by Instructor Keith Springate after he had completed a faultless check flight on the day.

Alan's persistance pays off

One of the most popular members, Alan Martin 72 went solo on Saturday 19th January. Instructor Martin Ellis sending him solo after a successful check flight.

Benjie Ambler the New British Champion

Benjie 15 won the Intermediate Category of the British Glider National Aerobatics Competition at Saltby in August. Pictured here with his trophy and Ron Jubb a previous winner.

Try gliding! BBC Look North Charlotte Leeming did

An air experience flight voucher can be purchased through this website. We offer a once in a lifetime trial lesson/air experience flight for an experience to remember.
Single flight option for one person - Either a Basic, Standard or Mile High Premium Aerotow.

Fred rediscovers Gliding & re-solo' after 50 years

Fred Kirk achieved his goal of re-soloing 50 years after his last glider solo. on Thursday 30th June. Deputy CFI Mike Howey carried out a check flight before sending him solo.

Year round fun.

Burn Gliding Club offers prospective pilots something unique in Northern England. Situated on the Burn WW2 airfield just to the south of Selby on the A19, we have 3 hard runways allowing us to operate in all seasons; so when other clubs pack up for the winter, we just keep on flying.

The affordable way to fly.

We are recuiting for new members with special discounted introductory deals and offers - see the Vouchers and Prices pages.
Staffed by volunteers, the club operates at minimal cost; keeping prices low to ensure our sport remains affordable to all. It's a great place to make new friends, learn something new and above all have fun. If you live locally just pop down to the club this weekend and see the facilities first hand, we will be pleased to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

The ideal gliding club.

Not only are all the member and instructors, friendly and ready to help, but the flying at Burn is truly excellent. In summer the area is abundant with natural thermals and wave activity allowing you to stay airbourne for hours at a time. In winter we can rely on the local power stations - Drax and Eggborough to generate our very own exclusive thermals!

Northern Inter Club League 5th - 7th May 2018

We had a successful ICL three day competition in difficult blue thermal conditions. We had six visiting clubs who all commented about how well the competition had been organised and how friendly we were. If you interested in entering the ICL at Sutton Bank next year please speak to CFI Dave Bell.

BBC Look North on BGA Glide Britain at Burn

To view please go to our YouTube channel:

BGA Glide Britain Day - Tuesday 25th July 2017

The BGA Glide Britain team landed at Burn on the 25th.
Glide Britain is a project to raise the general awareness and understanding of gliding among the public at large and thus raise level of participation in this exciting sport.

Gliders can fly large distances, flights of more than 300 miles are common in the UK and the distance record exceeds 600 miles. Gliders regularly achieve heights of 10,000 feet and the UK height record is a staggering 37,000 feet. We can do aerobatics, we fly very modern
gliders but also vintage ones. We have a very active junior sector, you can fly a glider solo at the age of just 14.

Gliding is safe, affordable, accessible, has no gender issues, you can fly solo at 14, gliders can be adapted for those with physical disabilities and above all, it's fun.
Get Flying!
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